Diary of a Viktoriapark Fox

“Diary of a Viktoriapark Fox” is a story without words about the odyssey of a fox in Viktoriapark (Berlin-Kreuzberg) told in a series of six scenes. It’s printed as a leporello – an accordion-fold book that can also be opened to stand upright and viewed as a panorama (90 x 25cm). Japanese woodblock print, series of 10.






IMG_4412IMG_4411The “hidden track” on the back.IMG_3761Work in progress on the first two woodblocks (with two pages each)IMG_3763IMG_3779IMG_4021Printing the foxes on the press with oil pigments, two scenes per block of wood. The background was printed first from one long piece of wood – hand-rubbed with baren using water pigments. IMG_4022IMG_3788

The front and back cover hot off the press…later signed and numbered.


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