Winter Foxes 2016

Winter foxes discover snowman. Japanese woodblock print in three colors, printed on Kozushi paper. 30 x 15 cm.


Winter Foxes 2015

This scene was inspired by the ponds in my Kleingarten–which now really are home to goldfish–and by the curious foxes that sometimes visit. I imagined the foxes in winter, watching the goldfish through the ice. Japanese five-color woodcut, printed in an edition of 40 on Japanese Kozushi paper. 30 x 15 cm.

Winter Foxes 2014

My 2014 fox print was inspired by my dreamy new Kleingarten with its tall grasses and Strandkorb (beach chair). There really is a fox that has been spotted going through the garden at night, and I occasionally find his tracks. I imagine him and his friend having all kinds of adventures there in the winter when nobody’s around. Three-block Japanese woodblock print. Printed in a numbered edition of 50 on Japanese Kozushi paper.

Winter foxes © Deborah Anne Bowen



Cutting the woodblocks for winter foxes


Printing the second of three plates for winter foxes


Winter foxes © Deborah Anne Bowen



Fox encounter, close-up



Sketch for the winter foxes © DAB



My 2014 holiday etching celebrates the fall of the Berlin Wall 25 years ago and the beautiful Lichtgrenze, an impressive and (for me) very moving installation of balloons along the former course of the wall through the middle of Berlin. The balloons were released one after the other on the evening of November 9.


Lichtgrenze © Deborah Anne Bowen