Winter Foxes 2016

Winter foxes discover snowman. Japanese woodblock print in three colors, printed on Kozushi paper. 30 x 15 cm.

Winter Foxes 2015

This scene was inspired by the ponds in my Kleingarten–which now really are home to goldfish–and by the curious foxes that sometimes visit. I imagined the foxes in winter, watching the goldfish through the ice. Japanese five-color woodcut, printed in an edition of 40 on Japanese Kozushi paper. 30 x 15 cm.

Winter Foxes 2014

My 2014 fox print was inspired by my dreamy new Kleingarten with its tall grasses and Strandkorb (beach chair). There really is a fox that has been spotted going through the garden at night, and I occasionally find his tracks. I imagine him and his friend having all kinds of adventures there in the winter when nobody’s around. Three-block Japanese woodblock print. Printed in a numbered edition of 50 on Japanese Kozushi paper.

Winter foxes © Deborah Anne Bowen



Cutting the woodblocks for winter foxes


Printing the second of three plates for winter foxes


Winter foxes © Deborah Anne Bowen



Fox encounter, close-up



Sketch for the winter foxes © DAB